Stephen Warner Diaries, Volume II, May 2016


Thursday 11 May

“a few days ago there was a bomb accident in the training camp at the back amongst the Australians and New Zealanders – the sergeant instructor was killed outright and 5 others wounded. We were sent for with stitches and brought them down here where two died from their wounds.”

Monday 15 May

“another bomb accident – last Saturday! An officer was brought into us straight onto the operating table with his cart hood artery almost completely severed. We did our best but to no purpose and he died an hour after – terrible.”

“I have been worrying lately because I am here! I am 35, unmarked, with no dependants and recently passed by one of our doctors and the local eye specialist as fit for service – I therefore ask myself: ‘Why am I here at the base?’ ‘Am I not fulfilling all the conditions for a man to be at the front?’ My conscience amounts that I am and I ought therefore to be at the front.”
Thursday 18 May

“today we have had a visit from General Sir Douglas Haig – the Commander-In-Chief – but he did not come to the theatre. A handsome looking man between 50 and 60, I suppose with a pleasant type of face.”

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