Stephen Warner Diaries, Volume II, March 1916

3Wednesday March 1

“have just returned from a walk along the shore with Evelyn this evening to get a little fresh air and quietness – it is the first I have been able to have for some time”

“Sister Elmsley is still away – she seems to have had a very nasty attack of ‘flu meanwhile Fluffy does her best. I am sorry to say that we have been having quite a number of leg amputations lately”

Monday March 6

“today we completed our six months as a hospital – having opened on September 6th 1915. We have, to date, admitted 4574 patients and 106 officers, we have had 579 operations, 33 leg amputations and 4 arm amputations and 55 deaths”

“there was a case where the F.B. had hit the man in the upper 1/3 of the left thigh passing through between the feanoral vein and artery and making a whole in the former and stopping off the outer coat of the artery thus allowing the thin mines wall to swell out”

Friday March 10

“I dread to think I have  ever tried before that we possess our own cinematograph which is carried about by two men and is taken from ward to ward at nigh time so as to amuse the patients – the pictures are wonderfully good for a small affair and what is also important, they flicker wonderfully little.”

Monday March 13

“Corporal Harbottle has told me that he heard one or two fellows say openly that religion should have no place in this war but as usual religion is a topic almost taboo in general conversation.”

Thursday March 16

“only the other day a lorry of 19 came in wounded in the chest by this means – the metal passed through the spine and paralysed him. He ultimately died reciting the Lord’s Prayer and calling for his mother. – there is nothing more heart wrenching than to see these boys torn and mutilated and suffering so much pain at such an early age.”

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