Stephen Warner Diaries, Volume II, February 2016

3Saturday February 5

“it is just 5 months to the day since the hospital opened and during this time we have admitted 4073 patients (Tommies sick or wounded and officers). There have been 41 deaths all told and 464 operations”

Tuesday February 15

“the other day at the O.C. we got the months bill for coke – £158! – charged at a rate of about £451 per ton – a scandalous price” 26 –

Wednesday February 23

“had a terrible case the other day – a thigh riddled with gangrene which had to come off high up – so high. That we had to take the tourniquet off and I had to apply pressure while they cut and tied. We found that the gas has gone right up into the groin and his chance of living seems to be very small – indeed it seemed doubtful at the time if we should get him off the table alive”

“it is so difficult ever to get away from the turmoil and bustle or find time to pull yourself together and take stock of things. I do not know how it may be elsewhere but certainly I see little evidence in our camp of this war having brought men back to religion – indeed I understand that some of our fellows openly say that religion must be put in the background while the war is going on.”